Bindy Coda

Quirky, Squeaky, Cute!

Bindy is Black/Filipino non-union voice actor with an ADR-ready broadcast quality remote studio and a killer mic locker. She’s got a bendy voice, an aggressively cute personality, and a huge smile!

You might have heard her in anime, video games, or maybe some live action on Amazon or Netflix. She’s voiced toys, narration, e-learning, and everything in between. She’s naturally young sounding and can voice both male & female kids/teens.

She can bend from cute to creature in a snap. If you need a sweet sounding voice, professional polish, or a vicious monster, she’s got you covered!

Performance Range

Pitch: Medium High to High
Male/Androgynous: Baby-Teen
Female: Baby-Adult,
Stylized Elder

Technical Skills

Combat Efforts
VO Directing

Special Skills

Character Singing
Voice Matching
Whistling Melodies

Studio Details

  • Contact:

    • Direct Contact: booking@bendyvoices.com
    • Union Status: Available for Union and Non-union work
  • Authenticity Considerations:

    • Biracial, POC, PGM, WOC
    • Black: African American, BIPOC
    • Filipino: Asian, East Asian, AAPI
  • Microphones:

    Neumann U87ai (Primary)

    Also available: Neumann: TLM49 / TLM103, Sennheiser 416,
    Gefell: m930 / UMT 70S, and more!

  • Remote Capabilities

    • Source Connect Standard (ID:bendy_voices) and Source Nexus.
    • Zoom, Skype, Cleanfeed, most remote services
  • Recording Space

    • ADR ready Studiobricks PRO booth
    • Desktop workstation with hardwired ethernet/gigabit connection.
    • DAW: Reaper – able to export 48kHz/24 bit .wav files, uncompressed
    • Clarett+ 4Pre & Rupert Neve Designs 5211 Preamp

    Additional Studio Info: www.bendyvoices.com/studio

She makes remote recording a breeze!  Mic and redundancy options mean you’ll never miss a take!


Contact me via the form below, or directly using booking[at]bendyvoices.com

Please be sure to include relevant project details, including, but not limited to: project description, services requested, word count (for voice services), budget, and deadline information.