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Studio Gear!

Our studio is as flexible as our voice work! We offer broadcast quality audio, and a fine selection of industry standard microphones. We support live direction on ALL platforms and a ton of special features no matter how you connect. You don’t need to have Source Connect to connect with us (though we have that too!)

Microphone List

All microphones are run through a Neve 5211 pre-amplifier, unless otherwise requested. Avalon AD2022 and Blue Robbie are also available.

Voice Over Favorites:
  • Neuman: TLM49, U87ai, TLM193, TLM103
  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Gefell: M930, UMT70S
Other Single Pattern Mics:
  • BLUE:  Dragonfly Deluxe & Standard, Baby Bottle (Original Latvian & Original US), Blue Bluebird
  • Blue Woodpecker (Ribbon)
Other Multi-Pattern Mics:
  • Antelope Modeling: Edge Solo, Axino Synergy Core
  • BLUE: Kiwi, Reactor, Bottle Rocket Stage 1 (B8, B6 caps)

Patching and Live Direction

We’re available where you’re available! You get full featured sessions regardless of how you connect.

Live direction on all platforms.
  • ISDN via IPDTL, Source Connect Standard and NOW, Skype, Google Voice, Phone Patch, Discord, and more!
  • Source Connect Standard ID: bendy_voices
Multi-App Patching
  • Clients and talent can patch in from their favorite app!
  • Ex. Patch Skype, Google Voice, and SCN to the same session.
Parallel Safety Track
  • We record an identical track with extra head room for those unexpected loud moments
  • The safety catches any audio that would have “clipped” in session.
  • Receive both your direct audio AND a second safety track file. Never miss a take!

File Delivery

We can produce quality audio files in ANY format, including .mp3, .wav,  u-law, .aiff, .ogg and more! File delivered digitally (email, FTP, etc.) or shipped on hard media (CD, DVD, thumb drive) for a small fee. When you book a live session, your sound team will receive the full recorded session and an identical safety track if applicable. All animation and video game sessions also run a ~14dB PAD safety track in parallel, so you’ll always get your take!

For unsupervised recording, you’ll receive your recorded script with multiple takes in the same file. Audio production for turnkey assets is also available.

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