About Bindy

Female Voice Talent, Casting Director, SFX Recording Artist, Audio Post Producer

So, who am I and what’s the deal? Well, I’m a voice actress…or something. Or maybe just a disembodied voice that you might have heard…somewhere! My hobbies include: Giggling on cue, dramatic confessions of love, pleasantly informing of business hours, world saving battle yells, and generally bend(y)ing my voice and talking to myself.

“Wait! A voice actress?” Yes, a voice actress, or voice over artist, if you will. Believe it or not, there is a community of people standing behind the mic, breathing life into characters on your (computer) screen. I happen to be one of them! If you need a cute voice, I’m your girl!

Basically, I sit or stand in front of the mic and noises come out! Then those noises get sent to be edited and mixed into say, a game trailer or animation, and the character gets a voice! Occasionally I also mix and edit some of those LOUD NOISES myself. It’s something I take great pride in doing well, and it’s a lot of fun to boot. From narration and government work, to games and flash animation; I’ve been letting characters be heard since 2007.

Need a voice?

Are you in need of a voice? I’ve work with everything from corporate and government clients, to indie game developers and animators. I also provide casting, direction, and sound design services, so all your bases are covered! I can produce quality audio files in multiple formats, including .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .ogg and more! File delivered digitally (email, FTP, etc.) or shipped on hard media (CD, DVD, thumb drive) for a small fee. Contact me with your project specifics

Bindy Coda Voice Profile
Range: Medium High – High
Type: Ages 6-30 years, Child (female), Child (male), Teen (female), Adult (female)
Quality: Cute, Sweet, High-energy, Playful, Enthusiastic, Conversational, Friendly, Girl-Next-Door, Daughter, Mom, Refined, Professional
Specialty: Character, eLearning, Narration, Commercial, Messages-on-Hold, Voice Prompts