Bindy Coda

Female Voice Talent, SFX Recording Artist, Audio Post Producer
Bindy Coda is an energetic and versatile voice actress with a bright speaking voice and experience in commercial, government, and independent artist voice work. She's voiced everything thing from eLearning, phone systems, and commercials, to a range of character voices for animation and video games. As a supporter of the arts, Bindy has a soft spot for the creative endeavors of students and up-and-coming artists. No project is too small! Be it background wallahs or leading lady, you can always expect %110.
Bindy can produce quality audio files in multiple formats, including .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .ogg and more! File delivered digitally (email, FTP, etc.) or shipped on hard media (CD, DVD, thumb drive) for a small fee. Contact Bindy to discuss availability and project specifics.

Voice Profile

Besides sounding cute...
Range: Medium High – High
Type: Ages 6-30 years, Child (female), Child (male), Teen (female), Adult (female)
Quality: Cute, Sweet, High-energy, Playful, Enthusiastic, Conversational, Friendly, Girl-Next-Door, Daughter, Mom, Refined, Professional
Specialty: Character, eLearning, Narration, Commercial, Messages-on-Hold, Voice Prompts


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