Project Info

Enjoy the highly stylized animation work of Dieter Theuns (test-object) with a twisted fairy tale that looks like it was plucked straight from the pages of a Grimm tale!

I provided voice over for the narrator, character voicing for the child and mother, custom sound effects, and sound design.

Available on Newgrounds  as “Goodnight Sweet Prince” and Vimeo  as “The Unsleepy Prince”

My Task:

This was one project where it is good to be all wet! In addition to character voice work, this project required sound design and custom effect creation.

Water plays a large role in the animation, and the animator was having difficulty finding stock effects to fit his animation. I recorded 30 minutes of custom water sounds to fill the missing gaps. The session was edited down to be usable as individual high quality effects. I then added the custom effects to supplement the existing animation’s sound design.

The client was provided with multiple takes of finished voice over, the animation’s supplemented audio track, and several custom effects to add to his library.

Dieter Theuns (test-object)

  • Voice Over
  • Foley Creation
  • Sound Design

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