Project Info

The LewToons channel features cartoon reviews, top 10s, animation news, and original animations. In addition to providing voice over for the channel trailer, I provide imaging for the recurring Toon Byte and ReTooned segments.

You can watch an episode of each segment here:

My Task:

I provided voice over for the channel trailer, and imaging bumps for two recurring segments: Toon Byte and ReTooned. Multiple takes of finished audio were provided for each project.

While the channel trailer and ReTooned project called for standard voice over; the Toon Byte segment required a vocal collage effect to fit the cartoony vibe. To capture this voice effect, I performed 15 unique characters and included interesting voice textures to fit the aesthetic. As this was an imaging project, the characters were then mixed to be un-intrusive to primary narration and music. Four different cuts of the vocal collage were provided.

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