Vampire Pixel In the Neon City

Project Info

Episode 1: A Job Half Done

A sinister deal is underway in the underbelly of Neon City, and it’s up to Vampire Pixel to save the day!

Animated by Anthony “Kreid” Price
Twitter: Anthony “Kreid” Price

Written by Anthony “Kreid” Price and Chris Harrison
Twitter: Anthony “Kreid” Price
Twitter: Chris Harrison

Full cast and crew in the YouTube description.

My Task:
I provide the voice of the unflappable lead Viare. This project has been a long time in the making, and has grown a great deal since it’s student animation origins. I provided voice work for each iteration, from original pilot to the final version of Episode 1: “A Job Half Done.”

This is the first episode of a multi-format series. Be on the look out for future episodes, comics, and other Vampire Pixel media! For production updates and other goodies be sure to follow the artist’s production twitter:

Production Twitter: VampirePixel

Anthony “Kreid” Price

Twitter: Anthony “Kreid” Price

  • Voice Over

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