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A chaotic, mystical, and futuristic parallel world, serves as the setting for a clash of super powered adventurers over the most powerful magical artifacts known to exist. Whosoever gains control over the mythic Empyrean ARMS will have the means to have their most heartfelt wish granted. The stage is set for a war more then a thousand years in the making

ALPHA OMEGA ANIMATION is thrilled to present PHASE ZERO – The proof of concept short-animation for The ARMSmasters Project action fantasy property.

Phase Zero offers a quick glimpse into The ARMSmasters world where magic powered soldiers and superhuman martial artists challenge one another and the dangers that threaten their home.

My Task:

The ARMSmaster project hired Super Star Audio to provide music and sound design for their proof-of-concept. Super Star was provided audio rough ins and a draft version of the animation to work with. While the rest of the team handled music and sound effects, I ensured their voice over would have the best possibly quality.

Matching recording quality with online talent is always difficult, as each recording situation is as individual as the person behind the mic. This project required fine cleaning to remove clicks, breaths, movement, and mic bumps from each actor’s files. Plosives and word endings were also repaired in a few areas. To ensure consistency between the two actors I started with light noise removal and cleaning, then applied compression and equalization to reduce differences in mic character. The completed audio was  leveled and sit well in the video’s audio bed.

The client required flexibility, as their animation was still in progress. To meet this need, I delivered a total of 6 different versions: the original rough in timing and two alternate timing with and without vocal effects.




  • Vocal effects
  • Noise removal
  • Cleaning (movement, mic bumps, breaths)
  • Plosive repair
  • Compression and EQ
  • Leveling

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