Project Info

‘Solo’ is an introspective game experience both for puzzle lovers, and narrative games aficionados. It is a puzzle exploration game in which a sailor travels through a vast archipelago, solving puzzles and wondering about love.


  • Dynamic puzzle-solving system.
  • Easy combine-able mechanics to play with offering multiple solutions.
  • Custom experience for each player changing the game narrative-wise and visual-wise based on decisions.
  • Unique art style and world setting.
  • A living world to contemplate and interact with.
  • Player engagement through introspection.

Team Gotham is a Madrid-based indie studio formed by 5 game developers willing to keep growing in the game industry by expressing their emotions through the game media, making awesome experiences, and paying attention to every detail to enhance the audience engagement with their games. They’ve even gotten kudos from IGN Espana!

If you like Solo, be sure to check out their other game The Guest.

My Task:

I had the great pleasure of working with Team Gotham for two videos in their Solo funding campaign. I first worked with them to provide voice work for their game preview trailer. We met up again for a slightly larger project: their Fig funding video.

Team Madrid is based in Spain. As a multi-lingual team, they wanted to ensure that the nuances of love weren’t lost in translation. For the funding video, I was provided a draft version of the visuals, as well as a rough script. In addition to voice over, I provided copy editing services to improve clarity and flow, and ensure the gentle intent of the game shined in their funding video.

Their funding campaign was a success! Be sure to show them some love and check out the game!

  • Voice Over
  • Rough Syncing
  • Copy Editing

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